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50W LED Flood light in USA 2017

Total 40pcs 50W LED flood light to bright the building. This is a project from one USA customer’s feedback.

15W Solar led flood light in Australia 2017

Total 20pcs led flood light solar 15w in personal garden, no need to pay electricity fee, so wonderful.

50w led flood light in France 2016

Total 200pcs led flood light 50w around building and wall.

  150w Led flood light in USA 2014  

Yellow color light 150W Led flood light, to light the villa, looks beautiful.

  1000w led flood light in Brazil 2013  

Total 64pcs 1000w led flood light in football gym brazil, bring high bright to the athlete.

500w led high bay light in UK 2009

Total 20pcs led flood light for outdoor football field in UK, the height is 20m with 500w led flood light light.

200w led high bay light in Canada 2015

Total 78pcs 200w led high bay light for football gym, the height is 8meter.